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GLOBALRx has been recognized throughout the US pharmaceutcal industry for our compliance with FDA, DEA, and US export regulations, expertise in named-patient programs, and experience in shipping logistics and cold chain monitoring. 

In the 18 years that GLOBALRx has been exporting pharmaceuticals including controlled (schedule 2) drugs, there has never been an investigation, penalty, or observation by any state or federal authority concerning the diversion of product to unauthorized sources either in the United States or internationally. 

GLOBALRx validates shipping processes and cold chain monitoring, and maintains operational and supply chain excellence by complying with industry shipping standards such as USP 1079 (Good Storage and Shipping Practices), IATA Chapter 17, and PDA Technical Report 39.

The policies and procedures of GLOBALRx have been reviewed by Global Security and Cegedim Compliance Solutions and have been found to meet their standards for excellence.

GLOBALRx subscribes to the standard "Wholesale Safe Product Practices" recommended by the Attorney General of New York in 2006 to reduce the chance of diversion of pharmaceuticals. This document limits the number of transfers of a drug between wholesalers.  If GLOBALRx provides medication to a wholesaler in another country that wholesaler may then send only to an end user (patient, physician, hospital, or pharmacy).  They may not resell it to another wholesaler or distributor.


  GlobalRx, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Pharmacy in Hillsborough, NC
FDA CDER Registered Distributor

Export Achievement Certificate

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