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Drug Ordering Procedures

GLOBALRx provides United States Food and Drug Administration approved medicines (prescription and over-the counter)* to individuals, physicians, clinics, hospitals, and drug wholesalers around the world.

*We do not provide narcotics or sedatives.

Our Procedure is as Follows

  1. You may request a price for a specific drug by using the price quote page or by faxing your request to us at
  2. You will receive a firm quote exclusive of shipping costs for your consideration. The shipping costs will depend on your location and the delivery methods which are available (Priority Mail is not available from USA except to Europe).
  3. If you wish to order you can:
    • You or your physician fax a prescription to us at 919-245-8421.
    • You may copy the order form found in this web site and take it to your physician for completion and fax back to us. Note: We must have either credit card information, receipt of a money order, or the completion of a bank transfer before we can ship the drug. We accept all major credit cards except Mastercard.
    • We will be pleased to contact your physician for a new prescription or your local pharmacy to arrange a transfer of your prescription to us. Please e-mail us with the appropriate information if you wish to exercise either of those options.
  4. Upon receipt of payment, the order will be completed within 48 hours and shipped to you using the method you prefer. If sent by express mail, we will handle the customs clearance and guarantee delivery. The delivery time using express mail ranges from 2 business days (Europe and Japan) to 5-7 business days (Africa).
  5. Add - For United States - shipments are sent by either First Class or Priority Mail depending on weight at a cost of $4.95 and delivery 3-5 days after shipping from North Carolina. Express Shipping (overnight or 2 day) is also available at an extra charge.

Shipping by FedEx, DHL, or UPS is guaranteed (does not include U.S. Postal Express Mail) i.e. we will guarantee that the recipient will receive the medication or else no charges will be made. We cannot be responsible for knowing all aspects of the taxes and duties which may be applied in the country to which we are shipping. In some cases, duties and taxes may be as much as as 75% of the total value of the shipment (India). It is common for a V.A.T. to be levied. Those costs are the responsibility of the consignee.

International shipments from the United States may not be returned for credit.

To our knowledge virtually every country has a mechanism to allow the import of medication for personal use (named patient basis). Most countries require a prescription from a physician in that country accompany the shipment. No drugs classified in the U.S.A. can be shipped to individual patients although they may be shipped to hospitals and pharmacies if the appropriate import authorization forms are provided.

It is against the law for drugs to be returned to the United States once they have left this country. Thus, once an order has been placed the medication cannot be returned for refund for any reason. If the medication is damaged or adulterated en route we will replace it at no additional charge.

After receipt of the order and payment, we will ship the medication by air express within two working days. It will arrive in the country of the consignee 2-4 working days later (there are a few isolated locations which take longer). The shipment must then be reviewed by customs and the health authorities of that country before it is released. This process usually take from 2-10 days. The cost of the review process is included in the shipping and handling fee. We provide consignees with the airbill number by which they can follow progress of their shipment either by calling the air express company in their country or by accessing the air express company web site on the internet

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FDA CDER Registered Distributor

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